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Our Team.

Our Team


Ad Gandhe


Ad has relentlessly pursued his passion for making education high quality, accessible and fun.

He started off as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon while simultaneously working as faculty on various national and international educational groups, including the AO Foundation. He took this further and founded his first company by inventing a successful surgical simulation app. This has already made a game-changing impact on the way we teach surgery worldwide.

Ad has now subsequently teamed up with Ollie and Matt to create an ecosystem where all specialties could benefit from more accessible, novel ways of teaching.

Hence AMODISC was born...


Matt Wallis


Matt has been a solution architect for some of the UK’s largest  rms for more than 20 years, for much of this delivering solutions on his own designed proprietary platforms. His speciality around clients with customer bases in the millions has enabled long term engagement, notably Sky, Talk Talk and M&S. This work included a platform solution in 35 languages for Samsung and a complex digital asset management solution for Sony.


Oliver Wylie


With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry within large corporates & venture funded start-ups, Ollie has a continued theme of innovation and education.

Through this passion he is a member of numerous tech & science advisory groups, including being a mentor on the NHS England CEP. Oliver is a Board member of companies in areas such as AI and mental health, alongside leading the operational aspect of AMODISC in its mission to bring education into the modern world.


Will Jackson

Medical Director

William is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford University Hospitals . William works specifically as a knee surgeon treating all paediatric and adult knee conditions.
William has a research interest in developing improved ways of training knee surgeons of the future using virtual reality and surgical simulators. He is involved in development and utilisation modern technology for knee surgery including the use of 3D printing technology and robotics. He is involved in teaching surgeons around the world about ligament reconstructions, partial and total knee replacements.


Matt Turner

Chief of Educational Dev

Matt is a Consultant anaesthetist with 25 years experience. He has taught and lectured nationally and internationally on a wide range of topics.

He has developed an interest in human factors and multidisciplinary training over the last few years which drives his desire to create learning platforms that work across professional groups .


Jonathan Williams

XR and Content Dev lead

Jonathan is a software developer who specialises in creating immersive interactive digital training. He started his career creating digital training for the Royal Navy, phasing in the the use of virtual and augmented reality and gamification in the Navy's Future Training Unit. He has prior experience working 9 years in an NHS emergency department as a medical assistant and volunteers as a local councillor and chairs a local political party.

Our Advisors
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