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Global Surgical Training

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The Global Surgical Training Challenge supported the creation of novel approaches to remote surgical training, including the ability to self assess. The Z-plasty module from AmoSmile (Amodisc ltd and Operation Smile) was one of 3 modules initially developed, helping training to be more accessible in areas where specialist surgery is most needed. Cost effective physical simulators are constructed from locally sourced materials, coupled with an app featuring comprehensive knowledge,  procedural simulation, videos, question banks and more...

Cognitive Simulation

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Amodisc believes in breaking down all barriers to education.  This includes financial, geographical and mental barriers.


Surgical Cognitive Simulation is an evidence based, structured, cognitive technique using all your senses to re-create a surgical procedure in your mind 


It is a programme that teaches surgeons the techniques necessary to develop their own surgical cognitive simulations for all types of surgery, making training more efficient and effective and ensuring safer practice.

In partnership with AO Foundation, this Surgical Cognitive Simulation App supports this programme allowing users to learn the techniques required to make their own personal surgical cognitive simulator in their own time.

Recommendation engine


Access to education is as important as creating the content itself.  Amodisc is using it's powerful secure, scalable and modular platform to develop a recommendation engine that assists clinicians from all over the world to access training programs that are relevant to their environment and requirements.

Remote Rep Support

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Growing waiting lists and increasing costs are driving a novel approach for manufacturers to support theatre staff & surgeons. 40% of implant costs cover this burden. 

Through XR, Amosupport offers procedural interactive animated steps, with surgical instruments intra-operatively superimposed over trays, to both surgeon and theatre practitioners.  The result is a more efficient and safer procedural flow with minimal external support required.  

Implant reps can supervise remotely, without the need to be in theatre and not limited to one case at a time.

Pre-Hospital Emergency Care

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As well as surgery, emergency procedural skills such as Chest Tube insertion can also be taught remotely.  We are working in collaboration with Primary Trauma Care to deliver training programmes, facilitating high standard and consistent emergency medicine training globally.

Cardiology for Public & Pros

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We are collaborating with Arrhythmia Alliance to provide a comprehensive training programme.  The programme has both clinician and public portals.  Our modular platform has the advantage that the scalable content can be tailored to anything from improving clinician's skills to increasing public awareness of the dangers of arryhythmias, sudden death and other serious cardiac conditions.

Example use cases

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